I've never understood why fans of either gender scream etc.  I like many groups and appreciate them at concert but don't scream, whoop, holler etc.  Never have. Must be me :(


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On 31 maj 2012, at 07:09, David Weiner wrote:

> The girls were already screaming the house down in Britain in 1963 - I
> think all the American girls had to do was see a few minutes of newsreel
> clips of Beatlemania UK-style and they were off to the races in the
> decibel department.
> David Letterman has been parodying that recently (in the same theater) by
> having a hired claque of girls scream and weep when he mentions Mitt
> Romney's name. 
> Dave Weiner
> On 5/30/12 11:14 PM, "Bob Olhsson" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> To me the only thing even nearly comparable has been Harry Potter.
>> I can tell a bit of the back story. The screaming girls on the first Ed
>> Sullivan show were actresses brought in by the Beatles' publicist but the
>> screaming quickly turned into a national ritual.
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>> From Tom Fine: 
>> For those not alive when the Beatles hit America, myself included, it's
>> hard to imagine the excitement and cultural impact on the youth. I
>> suppose Michael Jackson was a huge thing when I was a teen, but his star
>> power was confined to the worlds of radio play and MTV. The Beatles were
>> everywhere at once and I don't recall girls of my generation going nuts
>> and screaming over anything like 1964-65 teenage girls did with just a
>> look at the Beatles.