Mm-m-m, Neil Young.......
His "After The Gold Rush" album is my favorite, but his "Down By The River" with about 3 minutes of guitar jamming using only D7 & G7 chords is inspired.

I hope the comment isn't inappropriate.


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I did witness Count Basie wheeled out on stage, summer 1981. It was sad to see him that way, but I did get to see him (from quite a distance - the lawn at a festival) and the band rocked. Saw Ella on the same occasion, while she was still able to stand. She held the multitude in the palm of her hand.

I'll nominate Neil Young as a geezer who still matters. His recent record with Lanois shows him willing to place his well-established style in a fresh sonic context. I find it a strong statement. But, I've always had a soft spot for a guy who sounds so ugly but writes such pretty tunes.

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Hmm. Everyone seems to be forgetting Mick Jagger. Or how about Tina Turner??
Mick can still leap about with the best of them and has the chops to carry it off. He's also a master of parodying himself.
Tina had a hit single in 2010 but I can find no mention of tour support.
I suspect both will quit working before they have to push them onstage in wheelchairs.
At least I hope so.


On 5/31/2012 5:29 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Hi David:
> If Elvis turned into a self-parody (NO disagreement there), then my 
> point about aged rockers out doing dinosaur tours is even more valid.
> Nothing is more self-parodying than, say David Lee Roth and Eddie Van 
> Halen circa 2012. Or Bob Dylan any time in recent years, his shot 
> voice croaking nonsense versions of the same old stuff. If these guys 
> had any sort of mission-critical jobs, they'd have been put out to 
> pasture years ago!
> -- Tom Fine
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>> I remember mocking Elvis in his late years, and he was only in his 40's.
> Everyone mocked Elvis in his late years. From some of the things 
> you've written about the Beatles, I'd guess you're about 5 years 
> younger than me.
> When we were in high school, Elvis was a target of derision. It may be 
> unfair, but although we loved his early stuff, we saw him as a 
> self-parody.
> Then he died, and suddenly he was The King. Astute career move. :-)