Leah and I will be there!!!  I haven't seen Oliver in years.  Thanks for
the info, Doug.

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For those in or near near New York City, there will be a talk by the 
feisty Oliver Berliner, which should prove interesting to say the least.

Open to the public and free:

> The New York Section of the Audio Engineering Society invites all 
> folks who are actively involved in professional audio to join us
> for a most informative evening. Students are especially welcome.
> The event is free of charge.
> Tuesday, June 12th, 2012
> The New School Jazz Performance Space
> 55 West 13th Street, Between 5th and 6th Avenues
> Fifth Floor
> Meet and Greet 6:30 P.M.
> Presentation 7:00 P.M.
> “Emile Berliner: Pure Audio Magic”
> Host: Joel Spector
> Presenter: Oliver Berliner
> Author and Inventor
> Despite the number 8 being of the greatest significance in audio 
> history, the number 2 also looms big in our June meeting's speaker's 
> AES connection. Oliver Berliner has the distinction of being the 
> only AES member who resigned from our organization, not once but 2 
> times. He was also only the 2nd chairman in the history of the 
> infamous Hollywood Sapphire Group (forerunner of the AES and which 
> produced 2 AES presidents). He further was a co-founder of the West 
> Coast, now the Los Angeles, AES Section.
> It’s no secret that he’s the grandson of Emile Berliner whose 
> inventions of the microphone and the gramophone created today’s disc 
> recording industry as well as making voice and recorded-music 
> broadcasting possible; who was the co-founder of three of the 
> world's leading record labels, as well as creator of the trade-mark 
> showing the dog, Nipper, listening to “His Master's Voice” on a 
> gramophone, which reigned for half a century as the world’s most- 
> famous trade-mark.
> Oliver is the only one of Emile’s offspring to be in today’s 
> recording or the audio products industry. He’s the author of two 
> books and twenty-dozen speeches, lectures and published articles on 
> music, audio and video. He’s been quoted in Business Week and the 
> Wall St. Journal, and has had more Letters published in the Los 
> Angeles Times than has any other reader, living or dead. He’s been 
> interviewed on ABC, CBC, CBS, PBS, NBC, NDR, NPR. He has two 
> patents; and produced video test equipment that led to the 
> introduction of similar products by Leader Instruments, Panasonic, 
> Electrohome and Hitachi...all based on his concept.
> Oliver comes here from Maryland to lay out some devastating 
> revelations about some of the greats of that he 
> promises will titillate and stimulate. He’ll show how his 
> grandfather proved that micro-currents pass from one contact to 
> another without their touching...the concept that made AT&T the 
> world’s largest corporation and which he demonstrated to the Los 
> Angeles AES decades ago, using the (original Berliner) microphone, 
> then 100 years old, in the demo. He'll conclude with an astounding 
> yet little known comparison of Emile Berliner's analog disc to 
> Philips' digital...his “dissolve” of analog into digital. “Pure 
> magic.” Come see it.

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