But you can't wash Edisons on the Spin-Clean kuz they are too thick and won't fit between both brush/pads.  I'm almost sure there isn't any alcohol in their solution.  Paul Mawhinney from Pittsburgh's Record-rama developed the device and I think his son now runs the joint.  He can be contacted regarding the Al-K-Hol situation:

Bill Schurk

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I simply meant about their cleaning solution specifically. Absolutely no alcohol on shellac EVER. I learned
the hard way unfortunately.

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> It is for sure! I use it regularly and the results are quite good. I don't know about the 100% alcohol free verdict though.  
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> On Jun 10, 2012, at 3:48 PM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Mike, agree that arguments always arise, but it's important to mention NO ALCOHOL in whatever solution you use for shellac, right? Just in case someone doesn't know ...
>> BTW, now to wade into the inevitable argument ... I haven't tried it but it looks to me like the Spin-Clean would be a good low-cost solution for 78's
>> THAT SAID, if I were buying it, I would contact the company and ask them point-blank if they guarantee their solution is alcohol-free and safe for shellac before using it on your 78's.
>> The reason I like this machine is that it keeps the label dry but thoroughly soaks the groove area, and it's less sloppy than a slop-sink and sponge.
>> -- Tom Fine
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>>> To whom it may concern: wondering if someone knows how to clean vintage
>>> "Victor" records-a few have a green mold, most are just stored vertically in
>>> the area below the player. Also, would there be anyone in the Louisville,
>>> Ky area able to "check-out" the functions.many thanks, patrick
>> The "functions" of what????
>> There's very little in shellac records for mold to grow on.  The problem
>> possibly is with the sleeves, and especially the cardboard of any
>> albums.  It will probably clean off by cleaning them the usual way
>> (arguments always arise when record cleaning is mentioned) but the
>> sleeves and album covers will reinfect the cleaned records if they are
>> the problem.  And the wood and varnish of the player might also be a
>> problem.  The insides of the player need to be dried out, aired out, and
>> possibly sealed.  You don't mention the vintage of either the player or
>> the records.  Is it a wind-up and these are acoustical records, or is it
>> a modern console?  Stored in a damp basement?
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