This is an entirely different story.  Edison Diamond Discs could not be
more different from regular Victor-type records which are made of
shellac which dissolves in alcohol.  (The machines are also much more
complicated.)  There are several different types of manufacture of the
Diamond Discs which require a little different care.  The ones with
embossed labels generally have wood-flour cores and must not be immersed
in water.  The earlier ones have celluloid surfaces which can crack,
curl, and separate from the base.  Once they switched to Condensite
surfaces they would usually not separate, but also should not be wet
cleaned without immediate drying.  The paper label discs had a clay core
and would not absorb water as much but still should be kept as dry as

Ironically, Edison DID suggest the use of alcohol for cleaning diamond
discs, but modern types tend to leave a film.  The Disc Doctor's Record
Cleaner works well on Edisons as well as shellac discs.   It is a little more expensive than
other simple methods (like using Ivory disc washing soap and a painter's
pad for a brush) but it is cheaper than a machine and the supplies for
the machine.  

I'm at the other end of the state from you, in Morehead, Kentucky, but I
can check with a collector in Lexington if he knows someone who could
check out a pair of Diamond Disc machines in Lvl.  You need to identify
the machines by the model number, which should be on the metal patent
plate usually on the inside of the lid of earlier machines or the left
side inside later machines.   

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]  

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From: Patrick Sumner <[log in to unmask]>
> To Whom it may concern: So sorry for my question regarding “Victor”
records—but we have 2 Edison Disc Phonograph players (@1920’s) with
underneath for the ¼ inch records—we know of no one to contact
conservation of the players or the records they contain & would like to
able to leave these to family members in a useable condition—we are in
Louisville, Ky & would like to contact someone about their care &
maintenance— thanks again, patrick