I always thought that it was a) my very defective eyes or b) quality of the rips/captures I view or a combination of a or b.

Glad it isn't just me, and that it is a problem noted in another continent too.


On 7 jun 2012, at 19:16, Malcolm Rockwell wrote:

> A trend that has been apparent to me for a while - that I find most annoying - is audio the doesn't sync up with what I'm seeing on the television. This is especially apparent on the news on my local "indy" station ("indy" because they use FOX news as their basis). The lips just do not match up with the audio feed on imported material (looks fine for the local newscaster, though). Why is that? I'd think there would be a single, end-of-chain solution to out of sync material received, no?
> Seems that the big three get it right most of the time, though. I'd watch one of them but I find each of their anchors, their "news as entertainment" policies, and the stations politics objectionable and so forgo the pleasure.
> I've written them numerous times and get no answers.
> Malcolm in the Middle of the Pacific