Hi, Holly.

I think that the following would be your best bet, which is based on your last suggestion:

<unitdate type="inclusive" label="Dates:" encodinganalog="245$f"
normal="-2000/2010" era="bce-ce" calendar="gregorian">2000 BCE-2010 CE</unitdate>

I don't know that the era attribute matters (can you leave it out, for instance, as Ethan suggested?), but it depends on how it's being used in your database, consortium, or whatever (and, if there isn't a local rule for how to handle such dates right now, perhaps your example can prompt one).  However, "bce/ce" won't work as an option due to the restrictions used by the schema, so that's why I used "bce-ce" in my reply (but there may be local guidelines that suggest something else entirely).

The calendar attribute, on the other hand, is very important.  The choice of Gregorian makes me wonder if this shouldn't be something like "circa 2000 BCE," since I'm now curious about the date range and how it was established.  And, if there's just a single date range, this might be a good case to possibly include a "bulk" date range in the description, too.


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Subject: Altering dates to show BCE-CE

My date range is from 2000BCE-2010CE. I'm using a form to create the XML, but this form does not support BCE dates so it has to be edited by hand.

This is what the XML looks like now:

<unitdate type="inclusive" label="Dates:" encodinganalog="245$f"
normal="2000/2010" era="ce" calendar="gregorian">2000-2010</unitdate>

Would I do this?

<unitdate type="inclusive" label="Dates:" encodinganalog="245$f"
normal="2000/2010" era="bce/ce"

Or also add a negative:

<unitdate type="inclusive" label="Dates:" encodinganalog="245$f"
normal="-2000/2010" era="bce/ce"

Could I add to the text:

<unitdate type="inclusive" label="Dates:" encodinganalog="245$f"
normal="-2000/2010" era="bce/ce" calendar="gregorian">2000 BCE-2010 CE</unitdate>

Mostly I think the era is wrong. How would I state this? Break it up into two somehow?

thank you,
Holly Deakyne