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Savanuck Memorial Library
Excess List 2012-14

Television and political advertising/ Frank Biocca [1991] 659.1932	

Hazardous materials air monitoring and detection devices/ Chris Hawley
[2002] 628.53 H396

Motorcycle restorer's workshop companion/ Geoff Purnell	[1992]	629.28775

Space: from Gemini to the moon/ Robert Peterson [1972]	629.409 P485	

Space: from Sputnik to Gemini/ Lester Sobel	[1965] 629.409 S677	

Cage birds/ Joan Palmer [1983] 636.686 P174

Harper's illustrated handbook of dogs/ Robert Kirk	[1985]	636.7 H294

James Herriot's dog stories/ James Herriot [1986] 636.7 H566 

The Good housekeeping household encyclopedia/ Carolyn E. Fort'e [1993] 640

Rodale's books of shortcuts/ Cheryl Tetreau	[1988] 640 R685

All new hints from Heloise/ Heloise [1989] 640.2 H482

How to gain an extra hour every day/ Ray Josephs [1992] 640.43 J83

You can't do it all: ideas that work for mothers who work/ Irvina Lew [1986]
640.43 L669

The new Larousse gastronomique/ Prosper Montagne [1977] 641.03 M759

Grossman's guide to wines, beers, and spirits/ Harold Grossman [1977] 641.2

Encyclopedia of wine/ Frank Schoonmaker [1978] 641.22 S372	

Recipes: wines and spirits/ Matt Greene [1968] 641.3 W354	

James Beard's American cookery/ Earl Thollander [1972] 641.5 B368	

Eat more, weigh less/ Dean Ornish [1993] 641.5 O74	

Graham Kerr's smart cooking/ Graham Kerr	[1991]	641.563 K41	

Weight Watchers healthy life style cookbook/ Weight Watchers International
641.563 W419

Home safe home/ Helen Maxwell [1992] 643.16 M465	

The complete home restoration manual/ Albert Jackson [1992] 643.7 J13

Color to color: the Black woman's guide to rainbow of fashion and beauty/
Jean Patton [1991] 646.7042 P322

Always in style: the complete guide for creating your best look/ Doris
Pooser [1989] 
646.7042 P824

Muscle: confessions of an unlikely bodybuilder/ Samuel Fussell [1991] 646.75

We can work it out: making sense of marital conflict/ Clifford Notarius
[1993] 646.78 N899

I'll never do to my kids what my parents did to me/ Thomas Paris [1992]
649.1 P232

Dr. Spock on parenting/ Benjamin Spock [1988] 649.1 S762	

Cradle and all: everything for welcoming the new baby/ Pamela Scurry [1992]
649.122 S437

Your child has a disability: a complete sourcebook of daily and medical
care/ Mark Batshaw [1991]	649.15 B334

Parenting isn't for cowards/ James Dobson [1987] 649.15 D635

Teach your child to behave/ Charles Schaefer [1990] 649.64 S294

The book of business anecdotes/ Peter Hay	[1988]	650.0207 H322

A Business week guide: the best business schools/ John A. Byrne [1993]
650.071 B995

If you haven't got the time to do it right, when will you find the time to
do it over?/ Jeffrey Mayer	[1990]	650.1 M468

The ninety minute hour/ Jay Levinson [1990] 650.12 L665

Persuasive business speaking/ Elayne Snyder [1990] 658.452 S675

Developing effective communications strategy/ Russell Haley [1985] 658.802

A facilitating style of leadership/ Sidney Parnes [1985] 658.9042 P256

Newspaper organization and management/ Herbert Williams [1978] 658.91 W723

Guts: advertising from the inside out/ John Lyons [1987] 659.1 L991

Creative advertising: theory and practice/ Sandra Moriarty	[1986]
659.1 M854

Handbook of advertising management/ Roger Barton [1970] 659.102 B293

Advertising in contemporary society/ Kim Rotzoll [1986] 659.1042 R851

How to make your advertising twice as effective at half the cost/ Herschell
Lewis	[1986] 659.1068 L674	

The later years: public relations insights 1956-1986/ Edward Bernays [1986]
659.111 B524

Strategy in advertising/ Leo Bogart [1984] 659.111 B674

Effective media planning: a guide to help advertisers and agencies develop
plans that work/ August Priemer [1989] 659.111 P948	

The copywriter's handbook: a step-by-step guide to writing copy that sells/
Robert Bly [1985] 659.1322 B661

The craft of copywriting: how to write great copy that sells/ Alastair
Crompton [1982] 
659.1322 C945

How to create effective TV commercials/ Huntley Baldwin	[1989]	659.143 B181

Handbook of practical public relations/ Alexander Adams [1965] 659.2 A211

The public relations writer's handbook/ Merry Aronson [1993] 659.2 A769

Your future in public relations/ Edward Bernays [1961] 659.2 B524y

Practical public relations: common-sense guidelines for business and
professional people/ 
Sam Black [1983] 659.2 B629

No Comment! An executive's essential guide to the news media/Donald
Blohowiak [1987] 
659.2 B652

PR: how the public relations industry writes the news/ Jeff Blyskal
[1985]	659.2 B661

The business of public relations/ E.W. Brody	[1987]	659.2 B864

Public relations programming and production/ E.W. Brody	[1988]	659.2 B864p

Public relations publicity: a key link in communications/ Lois Ehrenkranz
[1983]	659.2 E33

Public relations handbook/ Philip Lesly [1962] 659.2 L637

The executive's guide to handling a press interview/ Dick Martin [1994]
659.2 M379e

Public relations: management by objectives/ Norman Nager [1984] 659.2 N147

Fundamentals of Public Relations 2nd Ed/ Lawrence Nolte	[1979]	659.2 N798

Public relations/ James Norris [1984] 659.2 N856	

Public relations research annual volume 3/ Larissa Grunig	[1989]
659.2 P976

Public relations research annual volume 1/ Larissa Grunig	[1989]
659.2 P976

Public relations research annual volume 2/ Larissa Grunig	[1989]
659.2 P976

Public relations theory/ Carl Botan [1989] 659.2 P976a	

Public relations and business	Alan Raucher [1968] 659.2 R241	

Public relations writing: strategies and skills/ Robert Rayfield [1991]
659.2 R263	

Rhetorical and critical approaches to public relations/ Elizabeth Toth
[1992] 659.2 R475

Jan Tschichold, typographer/ Ruari McLean [1975] 686.22 M163