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Savanuck Memorial Library
Excess List 2012-13

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of electric circuits/ Joseph
Edminister [1983]
321.3191 E24

Cracking the LSAT/ Adam Robinson [2008] 340.076 R658

Airman's guide/ Boone Nicolls [2007] 358.4 N647

Strategies for Teachers/ Paul D. Eggen [1988] 371.102 E29

Leadership and the new science: learning about organization from an orderly
universe/ Margaret J. Wheatley	[1992] 500 W557

General mathematics: book one/ Kenneth E. Brown [1968] 510 B878

Pre-calculus mathematics; a programmed text/ Vernon E. Howes [1967] 510 H859

Mathematical statistics with applications/ William Mendenhall [1990] 519.5

Reasoning with statistics: how to read quantitative research/ Frederick
Williams [1986]
519.5 W723

Maps & man; an examination of cartography in relation to culture and
Norman J. W. Thrower [1972] 526.09 T531

The weather book/ Jack Williams [1992] 551.6973 W724

Megabrain: new tools and techniques for brain growth and mind expansion/
Michael Hutchison [1986] 612.82 H977

Warning--the media may be harmful to your health!/ Ralph C. Heussner [1988]
613 H595

Mass media images and impact on health: a sourcebook/ Nancy Signorielli
[1993]	 613 S578

Natural health, natural medicine/ Andrew Weil [1990] 613 W422

The man's guide to good health/ Allen B. Weisse [1991] 613.0423 W432

The Black women's health book: speaking for ourselves/ Evelyn C. White
[1990] 613.0424 B627

Weight Watchers quick success program cookbook/ Jean Nidetch [1988] 613.25
One meal at a time: the incredibly simple low-fat diet for a happier,
healthier, longer life/ Martin Katahn [1991] 613.28 K19

The American Yoga Association beginner's manual/ Alice Christensen [1987]
613.7046 C555

Unisex yoga/ Lillian K. Donat [1976] 613.7046 D677

The fit body: building endurance/ Time-Life Books [1987] 613.71 F544

Getting firm: shaping and toning/ Time-Life Books [1987] 613.71 G394

Tai chi for health/ Edward Maisel [1972] 613.71 M231

Walking medicine: the lifetime guide to preventive and rehabilitative
exercise walking programs/ Gary Yanker [1990] 613.7176 Y22

Nature's healing arts: from folk medicine to modern drugs/ Lonnelle Aikman
[1977] 615.321 A292

Guide to stress reduction/ L. John Mason [1985] 615.851 M399

The best treatment/ Isadore Rosenfeld [1991] 616 R724

The woman's heart book: the complete guide to keeping your heart healthy and
what to do if things go wrong /Fredric J. Pashkow [1993] 616.12 P277

The arthritis book of water exercise/ Judy Jetter [1985] 616.722062 J58

Evaluation and management of eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, and
Kristine L. Clark [1988] 616.852 E91

Coping with speech anxiety/ Joe Ayres [1993] 616.85223 A985

Anxiety and stress management/ Trevor J. Powell [1990] 616.85223 P886

Depression/ Dianne R. Hales [1989] 616.8527 H167

Contagious emotions: staying well when your love one is depressed/ Ronald M.
[1992] 616.8527 P742

Women and depression: a lifespan perspective/ Ruth Formanek [1987] 616.8527

The hidden addiction and how to get free/ Jancie K. Phelps [1986]
616.86 P539
Alcoholism and driving/ Carl J. Bridge [1972] 616.861 B851
The natural history of alcoholism/ George E. Vaillant [1983] 616.861 V131

The causes and effects of smoking/ H. J. Eysenck [1980] 616.865 E98

Understanding and treating mental illness/ John M. Cleghorn [1991] 616.89

When growing up hurts too much: a parent's guide to knowing when and how to
Choose a 

Therapist with your Teenager	/ Scott O. Harris [1990] 616.89022 H316

Feeling good: the new mood therapy	/ David D. Burns [1999] 616.895 B967

Sexually transmitted diseases in homosexual men: diagnosis, treatment, and
David G. Ostrow [1983] 616.951008041 S518

Coping with radiation therapy: a ray of hope/ Daniel Cukier	 [1993]
616.99 C963

The complete book of sports medicine: an orthopedist tells how to prevent,
evaluate, and treat common injuries/ Richard H. Dominguez [1979] 617.1027

The sports medicine book/ Gabe Mirkin [1978] 617.1027 M671

20/20 is not enough: the new world of vision/ Arthur S. Seiderman
[1989] 617.7 S458

Combating your child's cholesterol: a pediatrician shows you how/ Reuben
Reiman [1993] 618.92 R363

Basic electricity/ Bureau of Naval Personnel	[1970] 621.3 B311

Superconductivity: the threshold of a new technology/ Jonathan L. Mayo
[1988] 621.3 M473

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of basic mathematics for electricity
and electronics/ Arthur Beiser [1981] 621.30151 B423

24 silicon-controlled rectifier projects/ Robert J. Traister [1986] 621.313

All thumbs guide to home wiring/ Robert W. Wood	[1992] 621.319 W878

Basic wiring/ Time-Life Books [1989] 621.31924 B311

Home wiring from start to finish/ Robert W. Wood [1990] 621.31924 W878

Imaging processes and materials/ John Sturge [1989] 621.367 I31
The Master semiconductor replacement handbook--listed by industry standards/

Tab editorial staff [1982] 621.3815 M423

Communication technology: a survey/ Dana Ulloth [1992] 621.382 C734

Introduction to telephones and telephone systems/ A. Michael Noll [1986]
621.385 N793

Television operations handbook/ Robert S. Oringel	[1984] 621.388 O69

Trends in attitude toward television and other media/ Burns W. Roper [1983]
621.388 R784

The Video studio/ Alan Bermingham	[1994] 621.3886 B516

The desktop multimedia bible/ Jeff Burger [1993] 621.389 B954

Questions & answers about tape recording/ Herman Burstein [1974] 621.389

Official guide to high fidelity/ Institute of High Fidelity [1978] 621.389

Radio production worktext/ David E. Reese	[1998] 621.389 R329

An introduction to digital audio/ John Watkinson [1994] 621.3893 W336

Audio for television/ John Watkinson [1997] 621.3893 W366au

The new recording studio handbook/ John M. Woram [1989] 621.3893 W919

Stereo microphone techniques/ Bruce Bartlett [1991] 621.38932 B289

Digital audio and compact disc technology/ Luc Baert [1995] 621.38932 D574

Gale directory of publications and broadcast media: Volume 1/ Louise Gagne
REF 016 G151

Gale directory of publications and broadcast media: Volume 2/ Louise Gagne
REF 016 G151

Gale directory of publications and broadcast media: Volume 3/ Louise Gagne
REF 016 G151

Gale directory of publications and broadcast media: Volume 4/ Louise Gagne
REF 016 G151

Gale directory of publications and broadcast media: Volume 5/ Louise Gagne
REF 016 G151