Here are a few EPA reports that we have available:

EPA 600-R-93-164 Bioremediation using the land treatment concept. August, 1993

EPA 600-R-07-069 Climate change and interacting stressors: implications for coral reef management in American Samoa June 2007

EPA 625-R-92-009 Guides to pollution prevention: metal casting and heat treating industry September 1992

EPA 710-8-85-001 Toxicology handbook: principals related to hazardous waste site investigations August, 1985

EPA 600-R-08-135 Highlights of the child-specific exposure factors handbook – With CD August, 2009

EPA 600-8-91-037 Health assessment document for vermiculite September 1991

EPA 300-R-95-005 Encouraging the use of pollution prevention in enforcement settlements: a handbook for EPA regions May 1995

EPA 832-R-93-003 A plain English guide to the EPA Part 503 biosolids rule September 1994

Let me know if you would like something and I will send it to you.



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