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Subject: Complimentary global economic forecast from Economist Intelligence Unit


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Economist Intelligence Unit

Global Economic Forecast — June Update


Dear James,

The Economist Intelligence Unit has just released its new forecast for the global economy. Download your copy of the latest assumptions about the global economy.

The EIU's global forecast will:

  • provide you with a reliable picture of the prospects for the world economy
  • allow you to grasp and predict the key trends emerging in economies around the world by providing dependable forecasts of important variables such as GDP growth, inflation, fiscal and monetary policy and commodity prices
  • outline threats or events that may affect future economic performance, so you can gauge their likely impact on your organisation

Download the full global economic forecast here.

Best regards,

Leo Abruzzese
Global Forecasting Director
Economist Intelligence Unit

P.S. If you have any questions about the Economist Intelligence Unit, do not hesitate to get in touch by contacting your local representative.


June Highlights


Key changes to our world forecast from June 20th:

·  Lowered our GDP forecasts for Brazil and India

·  China will avoid a hard landing by expanding 8.2% in 2012

·  Greek election results reduces the risk of imminent departure from the euro zone

·  A larger bailout package may be required in Spain if yields do not retreat


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