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Subject: EIU webinar - Middle East status update: A cool spring?


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Middle East status update: A cool spring?
A free EIU webinar

Friday, June 29, 2012
10:30am Eastern Daylight Time (New York)

3:30pm British Summer Time (London)

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Has the tidal wave of unrest and revolutions that swept the Middle East hit its high-water mark? Although Egypt now has its first freely-elected president, the military is proving a ponderous obstacle to democracy. Elsewhere, tensions between Turkey and Syria are escalating, and the post-revolution transitions in Libya and Yemen are proving fraught. Popular frustration at the lack of progress thus far is being exacerbated by the absence of an economic dividend--a disappointment made keener by the economic boom in some of the oil-rich but politically prehistoric Gulf states.

Eighteen months after the onset of the Arab Spring, the tide of optimism that swept the region has given way to the grim realities of building new systems of governance, tackling entrenched interests, and overcoming sectarian and social divisions. Which countries look best-placed to overcome these hurdles, and what is the EIU's outlook for the Middle East generally? Our global risk manager, Robert Powell, will present and take your questions on Friday at 10.30am Eastern / 3.30pm British time. 

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