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We’re looking for the report below.  It’s a Lincoln Lab report.  The Worldcat link below indicates that MIT is the only library that has it.  And that angle will be pursued.  So, take the user info below with a grain of salt.  It may be internal, it may not since it was apparently done for a govt contract (number is in the Worldcat record).  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.  Digitized would be great, paper (copy or loan) would be great, anything would be great.



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I have been trying to get my hands on an old internal report for some time, and so I thought I’d see if you might have any luck.


The internal report is from MIT and is listed in citations as “not generally available” and it is apparently quite difficult to extract from them.


Here’s a WorldCat link:




Author:  Roger Manasse

Title:  Range and Velocity Accuracy from Radar Measurements

Date:  February 1955

Pages:  312-326?


MIT libraries has the document.  Care to give it a try?






P.S.  Any further information on the Microwave Journal articles?






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