Greetings, FEDLIB Community-


We have a new Procurement regime at our agency and I’ve been asked to inquire over how other federal libraries handle foreign vendor terms & conditions for subscriptions. Do your respective General Counsel (GC) offices negotiate them where needed or simply advise Contracting Officers, or something different?


I’ve looked at the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) but was curious to know if any one of you have embraced a certain ‘best practices’ on process where Program Offices, Procurement and Legal are concerned.


In this particular example, we are talking about a sole responsible source, that is based in the UK and where, after many years of acceptance, the new Contracting Officer is now raising some objections following a recent review of their terms & conditions by GC.


As all publishers have ‘Terms & Conditions’ over their respective intellectual property, can any of you also offer general process guidance that I may be able to relay back to involved parties here?


Thanks in advance for any reply in this regard.


Robert Bauchspies

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