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Excess List
Inside ABC: American Broadcasting Company's rise to power/ Sterling Quinlan
384.5406 Q7

Broadcast and cable management/Norman Marcus	[1986] 384.54068 M322

Electronic media management/ Peter K. Pringle [1991] 384.54068 P936

David Sarnoff: a biography/ Eugene Lyons [1966] 384.54092 L991

As it happened: a memoir/ William S. Paley [1979] 384.54092 P158	

Programming radio to win in the new America/ John Parikhal [1989] 384.544

Station policy and procedures: a guide for radio/ Donald H. Kirkley
[1989] 384.5453 K59

Radio station operations: management and employee perspectives/ Lewis B.
O'Donnell [1989] 384.5453 O26		

Creating original programming for cable TV/ Mary L. Hollowell [1983] 384.55

To irrigate a wasteland; the struggle to shape a public television system in
the United States/ John W. Macy	[1974]	384.55 M177

The international politics of television/ George H. Quester	[1990]
384.55 Q5	

Television and society: an inquest and agenda for improvement/ Harry J.
Skornia	[1965]	
384.55 S628

Evaluating video programs: is it worth it? / Laurel Sneed [1991] 384.55 S671

Advanced television systems: brave new TV/ Joan M. Van Tassel [1996] 384.55

Understanding television/ Andrew Goodwin	[1990] 384.55 U55	

Videotext: the coming revolution in home/office information retrieval/ Efrem
Sigel [1980] 384.55 V652	

The crowd catchers; introducing television/ Robert L. Shayon [1973]
384.550973 S538	

Issues in advanced television technology/ S. Merrill Weiss	[1996]
384.552 W431

Television; the business behind the box/ Les Brown	[1971]	384.554 B878

The world of telecommunications: introduction to broadcasting, cable, and
new technologies/ Phillip O. Keirstead [1990] 384.554 K268	

The newscasters/ Ron Powers [1977] 384.554 P888	

Television: technology and cultural form/ Raymond Williams [1974] 384.554

Strategies in broadcast and cable promotion: commercial television, radio,
cable, pay television, public television/ Susan T. Eastman [1982]
384.5540688 S898

Cable communication / Thomas F. Baldwin [1983] 384.5556 B182

The American movie industry: the business of motion pictures/ Gorham K.
Carbondale [1982] 384.80973 A512	

The do's and taboos of hosting international visitors/ Roger E. Axtell
[1990] 395.52 A972	

Dictionary of riddles/ Mark Bryant [1990] 398.6 B915

Riddles, ancient and modern/ Mark Bryant [1984] 398.6 B915	

Language, gender, and sex in comparative perspective/ Susan U. Philips
[1987] 401.9 L287

Edwin Newman on language/ Edwin Newman [1980] 401.9 N552

Telling it like it isn't: language misues & malpractice, what we can do
about it/ J. Dan Rothwell [1982]	401.9 R848	

Language within language: immediacy, a channel in verbal communication/
Morton Wiener [1968] 401.9 W647

Knowledge of language: its nature, origin, and use/ Noam Chomsky [1986] 410

Phonetics, theory and application/ William R. Tiffany [1977]  421.5 T565

Introduction to phonetics/ Claude M. Wise [1958] 421.5 W812	

Building college spelling skills	/ Harry H. Crosby [1981] 421.54 C949

American pronunciation/ John S. Kenyon [1989] 421.54 K37	

Language in thought and action/ S. I. Hayakawa [1964] 422 H413L	

The New York times everyday reader's dictionary of misunderstood, misused,
and mispronounced words/ Laurence Urdang [1972] 423 U74		

Roget's International Thesaurus Fourth Edition/ P. M. Roget [1977] 423.1
R732 3 copies

Webster's collegiate thesaurus/ Merriam Webster	[1976]	423.1 W385	

Miss Thistlebottom's hobgoblins: the careful writer's guide to the taboos,
bugbears and outmoded rules of English usage/ Theodore M. Bernstein [1971]
428 B531a	

The Facts on File dictionary of troublesome words/ Bill Bryson [1984]
428.003 B915	

GED Writing skills Part I/ Eileen R. Curristine	[1989]	428.0076 C976 3

An introduction to an academic vocabulary: word clusters from Latin, Greek,
and German/ Horace G. Danner [1990] 428.1 D187	

The misspeller's dictionary/ Peter G. Norback [1974] 428.1 N822

Punctuate it right! / Harry Shaw [1963] 428.2 S534

Business English/ Mary Ellen Guffrey	[1986]	428.208865 G941

Windows: readings on American culture/ Joseph A. Murphy [1984] 428.6 M978

Harrap's modern college French and English dictionary/ J.E. Mansion [1972]
443.2 H296	

The Berlitz self-teacher: Italian/ Berlitz Schools of Languages of America
[1950] 458.2 B515