Hi Everyone,

Our library is preparing to conduct a Batch Reclamation project with OCLC. In essence, we're looking to export our local catalog records to OCLC in order to update and accurately reflect our current holdings in their system. One caveat is that for unmatched (i.e., vendor records not already in the OCLC system) vendor-supplied MARC records in our local system, OCLC must have permission from the vendor to redistribute their records. OCLC has agreements already in place for many vendors, but I wanted to find out if other libraries have encountered an issue with being unable to obtain permission to redistribute vendor-supplied MARC records.

Also, how do libraries manage OCLC record integrity for vendor-supplied records that are updated periodically? That is, do you update your OCLC holdings with each new vendor-supplied import to your local system?

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Thanks in advance for any input you may provide.