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At the University of Alabama we use MODS records for our digital collection materials.  We moved away from a commercial management system (CONTENTdm) and use our own system known as Acumen (  One of the things that has been cumbersome is to edit our MODS records.  With our current system in place we have to retrieve the necessary MODS XML files from the server, edit them using our XML editor, and then place them back on the server, overwriting the previous version.  We’re investigating ways to batch edit our records more efficiently, and potentially include our catalog data as well.


I’ve read about some “MODS editors” that were created around 2008 (and couldn’t find anything more recent), but many of those seem to be geared towards simplifying the creation process by using forms.  We already have some tools in place to create the MODS XML files, and so we’re more interested in a gui for doing global changes across batches of records.  If anyone has anything that they’ve heard of, or would be willing to share how they edit multiple MODS records, I would love to hear about it!


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Kayla Burns

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