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Personally, I think this is a case where post-coordination (i.e., Drugs--Side effects, Diabetes (and/or Diabetes--Prevention), and Hypoglycemic agents--I'm assuming that is the specific medicinal issue being discussed in the book) works well enough. Drugs--Side effects is indeed broad enough to cover this subject (though perhaps not as specifically as you might like--but it's not NOT what the book is about either, if that makes sense). There may well not be literary warrant for highlighting the interactions among types of drugs, types of diseases and types of side effects outside of a few titles. I suspect most works will address several of these topics at once, and so existing headings, and post coordination, would suffice.

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I have in hand Medications and diabetes risk by Sam Dagogo-Jack.  I see no subject heading that brings out in a single string the idea of drugs that trigger or contribute to a specific disease.  The headings “Drugs—Side effects” and “Drugs—Interactions” show part of this, but are very general.  “Hypoglycemic agents” handles the other part, but somewhat out of context.  I would like to know if this was a conscious decision, or “just happened.”


If the latter, I am thinking of proposing the heading(s) “Drugs—Side effects—Glucose metabolism” and/or “Therapeutics – Complications – Glucose metabolism” with 450 fields with the final subdivision “Diabetes.”  I also wonder if a record such as “Drugs—Side effects—[specific side effect]” and “Therapeutics—Complications—[specific complication]”, with explanatory instructions, would not be useful.


Am I way off-track?  What do others think?




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