In 6JSC/LC/21, I wondered why “i.e.” was being changed to “e.g.” Changing from “i.e.” to “e.g.” makes the two terms undefined, since “e.g.” introduces an example rather than a definition.


Ed Jones


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Subject: [PCCLIST] More RDA proposals for review/comment


The JSC has made three more RDA proposals available on their website:

6JSC/LC/20    Revisions to RDA Chapter 6 to treat "Selections" as a work attribute

6JSC/LC/21    Clarification of leaves and pages ( and Glossary)

6JSC/LC/22    Revisions to Date Associated with the Person (9.3) when recording more than a year alone



CC:DA will need to respond to these proposals in advance of the November JSC meeting. While no specific deadlines have yet been established for CC:DA feedback, I would be happy to forward any comments from PCC members for consideration. 


Please send your comments directly to me and not to the PCC list; I will contribute them to the CC:DA wiki. If you have an opportunity to comment on these papers through multiple CC:DA liaisons or voting members, please select just one of us to contribute on your behalf.


Please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!



Kathy Glennan

PCC liaison to CC:DA

Head, Special Resources Cataloging / Music Cataloger

University of Maryland

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