Based on what you have discovered, it does indeed sound as if this author has immigrated to the U.S.  Her English language books are using a PS number.  I would use PQ7079.3.V45 (21st century authors living in U.S./Canada and writing in Spanish) as her number for Spanish language books.  I would base my decision primarily on the fact that the publisher of her Spanish language books is in the U.S. as well.   You may be able to contact her directly and see if she would prefer to be associated with Ecuadorian literature.  If so, I would use the PQ8220.432.E432 class number.
Good luck,
John B. Wright
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Subject: Cecilia Velastegui (NAR no2012086268)

I would like some feedback for a classification problem I have.  I realize that this may not be a bit off-topic, but these are the lists that came to mind, so I hope you will indulge me.

If you look at the NAR for Cecilia Velastegui (NAR no2012086268; there is an accent over the "a"), you will see that she was born in Ecuador, was raised there and in California and France, received her graduate degree from the University of Southern California, and currently resides in California.  Her Web site <>  says she was a marriage and family therapist, but does not specify where her practice was (one assumes in California).

There is no mention that the author changed her citizenship, although on her Web site she does mention that she serves on the board of directors of several cultural and educational institutions, which might suggest that having a U.S. citizenship would be useful, if not necessary, but only if these institutions are in the U.S. (which seems likely, since her home is in California).   Her Web page shows Hispanic buildings and art as a backdrop, but I cannot identify which country they are in (I mention this because it may suggest that she still identifies herself as Ecuadoran).  Her publisher, Libros Publishing LLC, is located in Monarch Beach, Calif. (where she lives) and so far seems to have published only her novels (I mention this because place of publication may be used as a criterion in establishing class numbers).

The two novels she has written so far seem to be published simultaneously in English and Spanish; I find no mention of a translator in the English ed., nor in the images of the online Spanish ed., of either novel.  LC has preliminary records for both, but neither record is in OCLC, and no class number has been assigned in LC's database.

Ebrary for its online record of Traces of bliss ((OCoLC)787844629) assigned the class PS3622.E43, treating her as an American author (PS3622.E435 would better fit LC's shelf list).

However, someone, possibly at the University of Texas at Austin, has assigned the class number PQ8220.432.E432 (see record (OCoLC)746834988, for Gathering the indigo maidens), treating her as an Ecuadoran author, the land of her birth.

So, where to class her?  CSM F632 doesn't seem to give a definitive answer.

Again, input is appreciated.

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