Hi Gang,

I've found these in my shelves.  They all have W.E. (Wildly Eclectic?
Winsomely Electrifying? Withering Echoes?)  prefixes on the master #s:

20051 Strange Adventure 1115-2 / A Man Who Would Woo A Fair Maid  1117-2

20062 Tit Willow 1285-2 / The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring 1221-3

20059 When I Was A Lad  1283-2 / No Possible Doubt Whatever 1284-2

20049 Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes 1286-2 / Rising early In The Morning

20050 The Criminal Cried 1223-? / Here's A How De Do  1222-2

20060 There Lived A King 12287-? / Poor Wandering One 1316-2

artists:L Megan Thomas, Robert Howe, Hardy Williamson, Elsie James, &
Arthur Ward

Interestingly,  none of the sides have eccentric lead-off grooves...was
that not yet a convention in Europe by '25?

I'd like to know the dates of recording.  If you know a source of that
info, then it'd be appreciated if someone would provide it.

Unfortunately, these are lumpy & noisy pressings: no surprise about that.
When might these pressings have been made?