POLICY as to WHICH digital transfer to use? Not in my experience, unless it
was the late Jack Pfeiffer's instructions to his reissue supervisors to use
the most recently released source, a policy that survived at RCA after his
demise.  Under Tom Frost's aegis, Sony Classical was very concerned with
countering the bad press they had received from so many early CBS CDs
produced from Lp cutting masters. All the reisssue lines in production when
I was there in the 90s used new a/d transfers from the SW master reels. (It
was an embarrassment when we discovered that the initial group of classical
SACDs, ordered up by the hardware division and not run through A&R, were
all made from 2-track submasters.) However, by the early years of this
century, everything was in a state of disorder. Recycling is now the norm,
and as institutional amnesia affects the labels, there is often ignorance,
confusion or both over what is the best digital source.


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> Mike, do you know if there's a policy as to WHICH digital transfer to use?
> In the case of both Columbia (Sony) and RCA (BMG), there were many
> not-so-good attempts before good remasters were obtained. For Sony, I'd put
> the ones that Dennis Rooney oversaw in the late 90's as their best. For
> RCA, the CD layer of the SACDs done by Soundmirror are vastly superior to
> earlier attempts.
> For their box set, Decca went back and re-did some material that had been
> previously remastered, with good results. I think DGG did new transfers for
> some of the material in their budget-priced boxes, for instance the Kubelik
> Mahler cycle seemed to have all been remastered in the late 90s as opposed
> to some of the earlier remasters of some of the symphonies (I don't think
> all were previously released prior to the box set). I believe everything
> was brought up to the era and quality of the "DGG Originals" series, so
> circa late 90's.
> -- Tom Fine
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>  As a rule, no new transfers are made from analog originals save where no
>> prior digital transfer has already been
>> made.
>> Mike Gray

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