I have a 50+ year old Shure I really loved,that I can no longer get retipped.?Can anybody suggest a replacement?


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I don't know if I'm the only one, but I got pretty good results with Ortofon OM series, and bunch of re-tipped styli (done by Expert Stylus company). Also their original Ortofon OM 78 needle is very good needle for everyday use (2.7 mil truncated elliptical), very suitable for lacquers and transcriptions.



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> I recently tried to order some more custom styli from Expert Stylus for a
> Stanton 500 but was informed that Stanton has essentially left the phono
> cartridge business, at least for now and perhaps forever, due to their
> purchase by Gibson Guitars. Expert suggested that I turn to Shure or
> Ortofon. Ortofon is out of my price range, so I'm looking at Shure. I know
> that some U.S. dealers still have Expert-Tipped Stanton styli available but
> I would like to find a long term solution.
> I see the following cartridges available:
> M78S - specifically for 78, uses the N78S stylus; Note that the N78S stylus
> has max tracking of 3 grams.
> M44-7 - no listing for a 78 stylus. Max tracking is 3 grams.
> M97-xE - not clear if it takes an N78S stylus; regular shank probably too
> delicate for historical records.
> M92E - does take the N78S stylus
> SC35C - does take the N78S stylus, but the regular shank for this cartridge
> will track up to 5 grams! Its replacement stylus is cheaper than the N78S
> stylus.
> The list of available cartridges is at:
> The list of available styli is at:
> tm
> In a 2006 post, Dave Lennick recommended the SC35C with its quondam 78
> stylus, but said stylus is no longer available. However, the stock SS35C
> shank may be the same one used for the SS78E. Dave has also said that he
> (really really) hates the N78S stylus. It may be that the SC35C shank will
> fit into any of the cartridges that accept an N78S.
> Since I'm having custom tips affixed, it really doesn't matter if a factory
> 78 tip is unavailable. I just need a high quality cartridge with an
> appropriate strong shank that will survive playing historical records and
> can be retipped by Expert. It appears that the only appropriate shanks from
> Shure are the ones in the SC35C, the N78S and the M44-7.
> I will use these mainly for transcription discs. I have a few thousand
> transcription discs, vinyl, lacquer, uncoated aluminum.
> I would very much appreciate any advice that the group can provide.
> --Kevin Mostyn