As far as I know the only comprehensive price guide for Classical recordings was 
the one prepared and published by David Canfield. It dates from 2000 and, based 
upon my own experience, things have changed since then. Since I retired, my wife 
and I sell recordings (CDs and LPs) which are donated to our record company and 
use the profit to fund releases. The Canfield Guide lists Lyrita records at 
prices ranging from about $8-49. We just advertised a group of about 25 Lyrita 
discs (near mint condition) and sold but a few of them at around $7. each. More 
than half--no bids.  I have found that some of the higher priced items still 
command a "higher" price, but in general, I have watched price fall 

Others can probably point out that there are dealers who still expect decent 
prices, but I don't know if they are getting those prices. I also wonder if 
those who produce their own catalogs might do better, as they have a select 
customer base that might not be used to searching through the maze of ebay. And 
often times...speaking as record collector...I would find something of interest 
on a dealer's list, something I didn't even know existed. For me, that is not 
likely to happen with ebay, for when I shop there, I am looking for something 
specific, by using a few keywords.

While you are asking about LPs, I should add that CD prices seem to have dropped 
even more. We don't bother selling discs via Amazon unless we can get about 
$3.50 for them. I would guess that about 25% of what is donated to us is marked 
for less than that amount on Amazon. A friend of mine was trying to sell his 
collection of classical CDs (about 5,000) and the best offer he got was about 75 
cents each.Many second hand stores (with classical departments) weren't store (the classical manager is a long time friend) told me 
that they don't sell and he doesn't have the space for them. On the other hand, 
a few titles bring decent money, but they are few in number.

I am interested to hear the experiences of others.

By the way, with our label, the electronic sales make us more 
pressing or mailing costs....While I am not an innovator, I am following the 
lead of others...Next year I am planning the release of some historic 
performances...electronic sales only.


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Hello, Folks:

Can anyone recommend a relatively comprehensive, hopefully authoritative guide 
to current values generally paid for used Classical LPs?

I'm looking for something a bit beyond the limitations of what Popsike shows up 
about eBay sales, and obviously something more current than Classical Reference.

Preferable would be a report about actual sales, but an informed "price guide" 
was also be o.k.

I'm assuming any such resource would be on the Web, though a print source would 
not be dismissed.

And, yes, I know the inherent problems with any price guide. My eyes are open!

Any suggestions?



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