Hi, Hugh,

There is some information available for this. As far as treating 
obstinate tapes, I am trying to maintain an up-to-date resource on the 

The best international standard so far that I've seen is IASA TC-04 and 
it's available online.
IASA's TC04 on audio preservation is available online (and for a fee in 
a print edition)

I introduced th concept of cold playback (and hopefully explained it 
well) as well as attempted to cover the then state of the art in tape 
degradation in my paper on tape degradation that was originally 
presented at the Audio Engineering Society's 121st convention in October 
2006 in San Francisco was published in the ARSC Journal in the Fall of 
2008. It is available here:

I attempt to keep a current (as we know it here on this and other lists) 
log of what tapes degrade in what manner and how to recover them.

There may be specific applications to various scenarios, try the search 
box. I think there are now over 100 pages there--both static and in the 

For squealing Shamrock, I have a specific article on another method of 

Finally, there is a blog category tag that you might wish to browse. The 
categories are listed below the static pages in the right sidebar.

Also, to further Shai's comment, even people who would be competitors on 
the same continent (and even the same time zone) while a business was on 
a growth curve tend to band together to solve clients' problems. We all 
know that there is more work out there to do than can be done by all of 
us put together --- if it can be funded. While there is much overlap 
among tape restoration folks, there is also a good deal of 
specialization. One great example is that while Steve Puntolillo and I 
are a day's drive apart and we overlap in many formats, we both are 
really aiming in different directions and at different markets. He is 
focused on doing multi-track masters. While I can do many (but not 
2-inch), I focus on two-track mixed masters and I feel an important 
calling to preserve oral history--especially that of vanishing cultures, 
of which we have too many here in Canada.



On 2012-08-14 8:16 AM, Hugh Paterson III wrote:
> Shai,
> Is there a hand book for this kind of knowledge?
> - hugh

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