Hi Richard,

Aside from damaged cantilevers (shanks), of which I have seen *many* in my
long career in broadcasting, I have had a few (very few) problems with
dried-out mountings. I've never had the magnets fail.

Expert can definitely retip used assemblies, assuming they are in useable


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Hi, Kevin,

In the thinking-outside-the-box department, other than the actual stylus
tip, what wears out in a stylus assembly? Does the compliant mounting wear
out? Does the magnet get weaker? Obviously the "tube" (cantilever?) can
become crushed or bent--I realize with that the assembly is probably beyond

The reason I ask is would it be possible for Expert Stylus to place new tips
on old stylus assemblies?

I'm asking this out of ignorance--there is so much I don't know about
playing disks that it could fill several volumes--but it was a thought that
came to me upon reading your post with interest and I believe the only
stupid questions are the unasked ones.

I am still impressed at how good a disk can sound--I've spent some time
playing LPs recently with my Stanton 681 EEE cartridge--I have several and
several spare stylii that should last the rest of my life.  I'll confess
that a client wanted me to do 10 disks for her as part of a larger tape
project and didn't want me to refer her to someone else (Surely you can play
LPs," she said) and someone from a local church who knows me wanted me to
preserve five disks they made two or three decades ago--played, but not
killed, and pretty much the best copies in existence. We tried chasing down
the masters of the church recordings to no avail. The 10 disk client was
oral histories, not music.



On 2012-08-03 3:36 PM, Kevin P. Mostyn wrote:
> I recently tried to order some more custom styli from Expert Stylus 
> for a Stanton 500 but was informed that Stanton has essentially left 
> the phono cartridge business, at least for now and perhaps forever, 
> due to their purchase by Gibson Guitars. Expert suggested that I turn 
> to Shure or Ortofon. Ortofon is out of my price range, so I'm looking 
> at Shure. I know that some U.S. dealers still have Expert-Tipped 
> Stanton styli available but I would like to find a long term solution.

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