This topic comes up often, and it always results in a lively discussion with
each poster recommending his favorite application. Nobody agrees, so the
final decision will be your own. I use FileMaker Pro, which is available for
Windows and Mac. It's a powerful database program that you can design and
set up as you see fit. The flexibility makes it a real winner for me. By all
means, stay away from Microsoft Access, which I started using until I got
tired of it telling me what I wanted to do.

Good luck, and let us know what you choose.


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Please forgive  cross posting.

I need your help. I have decided finally to catalog my personal collection
of audio and video titles. It is spread over several formats and languages.
I am looking for a basic program that doesn't cost a fortune that will make
it easier for me to know what I have and where. Any ideas?

Shai Drori
Timeless Recordings

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