Wood block with velour to hold 1-inch 8-track to the play head with one 
hand while pushing on the pinch roller with the other to keep the tape 

3M 201 (acetate) stored in damp basements, horrible waving edge on track 
1 -- the main tracks were 1-2-3 with some additional stuff on 4 & 5.

The tape looked like the top edge of a flag in the breeze whipping back 
and forth as it went by, sometimes even contacting the heads.

No photos available (no more hands to take the picture).

On 2012-08-15 2:16 PM, Shai Drori wrote:
> Okay everyone. It's the end of August and I need a good laugh.
> The last thread about wd40 got wondering what was the weirdest 
> contraption you had to invent to get a transfer done in a hurry? Or 
> get it transfered at all? Don't be shy, give us the details. 
> Personally I wonder if Richard can top his own placing an A77 in the 
> fridge.
> Let the stories begin.
> Shai

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