I've a red vinyl pressing, probably post WWII.  12" 78


RCA Victor. Record Department. Engineering Division. Radio Corporation of
America. Camden, NJ

Made in U.S.A. Not for Sale

Test Record

Recording Technique. Side 1. 

 S. 2 is the same except it says "Side 2."


There is an obliterated mx no on s. 1 as well as "81." Side 2 is "82" and
has no mx no.  No bands between selections


It begins with a 1K tone, followed by exc from  piece for Piano and Orch I
don't recognize (Khach?), 4 exc, three the same at different pitches, from
Sheherazade , 2 from Capriccio Espagnole, 1 from Die Mestersinger Overture,
two from Dance of the Apprentices, 1 from the Enigma Var.,one from Shost 9?,
then another 1K tone.


Same on the 2d side.


1)      What the heck is it?

2)      I assume this came with a mimeoed list of content and explanation of
how to use the record.  Anyone have one or anything else from this series
with paperwork?


Steve Smolian