It's not just Roger. For some reason, the reply-to for Joe Solerno and Bob Ohlsson are their 
personal e-mails instead of ARSC. There are likely others, I only know of these three guys from 
first-hand experience. I don't know if this is done on purpose, and I can't find a parameter in the 
ARSCList sign-up to control the reply-to. In other words, I don't know if these guys have this set 
up on purpose or if it's something with their mail clients or how they signed up to the ARSC List or 
what. I also don't know how many other people have it set up the same way, on purpose or not.

In my opinion, e-mail that goes to the ARSCList should have a single reply-to, the ARSCList. There 
shouldn't be a choice in the matter, and the mail system should be set up so the reply-to is always 
the list. If one wants to reply one-to-one, off-list, then one should have to paste in the person's 
e-mail address into the TO field, and erase the ARSCList e-mail. As it stands now, if I want to 
reply to something any of these three guys post on-list, I have to erase their personal e-mail from 
the TO field and paste in the ARSCList e-mail.

-- Tom Fine

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  This is Thursday.

  It appears that replies to ARSClist in response to Roger Kulp's posts do not go to ARSClist, but 
to Roger's personal e-mail. I sent an e-mail a couple of hours ago that appears nowhere, certainly 
not on ARSC. So no one in ARSC can read it.

  This tedious mess has appeared on other websites in which Roger participates.

  Don Tait

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I responded to this and Roger a few days ago.

  Howard Shanet's book about the Philharmonic, with its detailed  listing
of performances and dates, shows a Francescatti/Mitropoulos performance  of
this work from about October 1952. I posted the details. I'd have to go back
and look them up again. Which I don't have time to do -- sorry.

  Don Tait

Did anyone respond to this query?
I notice that REPLY is sent to Roger Kulp, NOT to ARSCLIST.
I forwarded my reply to arsclist, and saw it, but have not seen any othere

Roger - did you see my response?  Wonder if your spam control is blocking
messages to you......
Best wishes, Thomas.

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There is  this outstanding performance of the Beethoven Violin Concerto I have
just discovered.

It's by Zino Francescatti,and The New York Philharmonic,under Dimitri
Mitropoulos.It is obviously a concert recording.Can anybody
tell me when it was done,and if it was ever issued?