Tom Fine:

> When I get an e-mail from you and the other guys
> I mentioned, a message posted to the ARSCList,
> when I hit REPLY (in Microsoft Outlook Express
> mail client), the TO field comes up as your personal
> e-mail address, not the ARSCList address.

This is my experience to.

It is caused by the user not setting up his email client correctly.

Most email clients work as follows:

Go to:

Mail & News preferences

There should be something like:


There you will find the following to be filled in by the mail client user:

Your email:

Replay To Adress:

If the Replay To Adress has been filled in, normally by the user email
adress then this email adress will ALWAYS come up as the replay to adress no
matter what.

You fix this problem by leaving this field blank.

And it is only fixable by the email client user fiddling with
the ARSC server software will fix this problem.

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