Thanks for all the responses.

I am looking for the films of ROBIN ROBERTS (a folksinger in the 1950-60's - she recorded LPs for Stinson, Tradition, Prestige).

Further searching turns up the following FIVE 16mm sound B&W items:

  15501 Johnnie has gone for a soldier  2:58
  15502 Barbara Allen.                  2:55
  15503 Lolly to dum da                 2:42
  15504 The old maid                    3:12
  15505 The golden vanity               3:03
 Interesting the KORLA PANDIT films were shot in LA - I always think of NY as the hub of early Television production.  A worldcat
listing also lists CALIFORNIA?.  

The publisher is variously given as: SNADER Telescriptions, STUDIO Telescriptions, STUDIO FILMS!!!

Does anyone have connections at PITTSBURGH STATE UNIVERSITY - they seem to have copies.  Would like to
know if copies can be obtained.

Best wishes, Thomas.

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> Snader Telescriptions was around earlier, at least from 1948. They shot
> some subjects with Adrian Rollini that year:
> I was good friends with Korla Pandit, who made at least 16 Telescriptions
> for Snader in 1950. These were shot in Los Angeles at KTLA in the off hours.
> There are two KP selections on the Camay "Nocturne" compilation that are
> identical to releases on the Vita label, except that the Vitas have no fake
> reverb and sound much, much better than the Camay LP. Possibly they have a
> common source in Snader Telescriptions, though I would say that the
> Vitas sound better than the Telescription audio and I always thought them
> seperate entities.
> I always got the impression from Korla that Snader was a Los Angeles based
> outfit.
> Uncle Dave Lewis
> Lebanon, OH
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>> Pathe now owns most of the rights, too (some are PD because they don't
>> have any notice).
>> They were 3-5 minute fillers for TV that were shot in the early '50s.
>>  Snader was the first one to utilize the three-camera 35mm film set-up for
>> live-to-film television productions.
>> What is the performer you're looking for?
>> J. Theakston
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>> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Snader Telescriptions
>> Does anyone know much about the SNADER TELESCRIPTIONS, their operation,
>> acquisition of talent, and their studios/venues ???
>>   I interviewed a performer who recorded 4 songs for SNADER about 1952.
>> Her recollection does NOT include the SNADER
>> company, but remembers the recordings and believes that they were filmed
>> in a studio somewhere in the mid-west, possibly IOWA, log
>> cabin, some Amish connection.  All very vague.
>>   Based on web sources, the films are offered by a number of companies -
>> negatives owned by The PATHE collection,
>> distributed through HISTORIC FILMS.  Copies also from MacDonald &
>> Associates.  Prices are high for commercial use.
>>   Does anyone know an inexpensive source for these films???
>>   The sound portion of some were issued by CAMAY Records (one of the "99
>> cent" labels) in the 1960/70s??
>> Any information or further contacts much appreciated!  Thanks!
>> Best wishes, Thomas.