Hi, Alex,

I think you are correct in this. I have four DA-20MKII machines and I 
believe they are 16 bit which was the bulk of the DAT usage.

It would be extremely helpful if someone who was closer to the HR DATs 
than I was could post a list of all the HR variations for DAT, DTRS, and 
ADAT. All of these started out as 44.1/48 ks/s and 16 bits, but they all 
grew. I just am not aware of all the options. I do know ADAT went to 20 
bits (I have an XT20).

If whoever posts it agrees, I would like to place it (with credit) on my 
blog site




On 2012-08-28 10:19 AM, Alex Tomlin wrote:
> One question I have, does the DA20 operate at 24 bit? I had one many 
> years ago but can't remember.  We have a DA-45HR which does 24 bit so 
> thinking the DA20 doesn't. 

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