It was Panorama.

There were three series
They came in books with a 7" LP with narration, and slides.

When you subscribed, you got the projector with your first shipment.  The 
books arrived monthly.

I think it was sold and fulfilled by the Columbia Record Club.

I'd have to check, but I think there were 12 science, 12 art and 24, a 
second year, for travel.

I have the projector in its box and most or all of the books.

This is a part of my collection of records not available countrywide in 
stores.  It's part of another as well, packages with an audio component, a 
photographic one and books, three technologies packaged together that morph 
into the DVD.

Steve Smolian

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Reading all of these fascinating posts reminds me of a consumer product, at
least one 'episode' my brother & I enjoyed when we were kids.  The 'show'
was about dinosaurs.  The audio disk (perhaps a 7" LP) contained narration
by Walter Cronkite.  I think that the
'buy in' entailed purchasing a special purpose projector to project the
proprietary slide format.

Does this ring a proverbial bell with any of you?  If so, then what was the
name and manufacturer (a CBS unit since Cronkite was involved?).  How many
'titles' were issued?  What were those 'titles'?

Art (Shiffy) Shifrin