Hi, All,

I have revised my assumption that the early 2000s release of Man of 
LaMancha OBC on CD was erroneously transferred without AME equalization.

What I think really happened was that the mastering engineer MASTERED it 
and they used a good, clean upstream copy that was a little bright (but 
not peaky bright like AME) and used that for the CD. Although there are 
a couple of ticks during the finale which could be a CD pressing issue or??

Anyway, with the addition of some compression and room simulation, I now 
have something that approaches the LP's sound without the drawbacks of 
listening to a digitization of the LP.

Finally, I am happy in regards to this and I thought the two or three 
people out there who have been following this would like to know I 
revised my opinion of what I had bought.



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