Hi Wade:

Those masters reverted to Ricordi in the early 60's. According to documentation I've seen, they were 
shipped to Ricordi soon after Mercury's release-ownership expired. Ricordi would have probably 
gotten the 3-channel master tapes plus 3-2 second-generation tapes made when the original LPs were 
cut. Whether these tapes still exist is a question for EMI, the current owner.

-- Tom Fine

PS -- it's a similar situation for the Mercuy/Pye recordings of Halle/Barbirolli, those tapes 
reverted to Pye in the early 60's. However, some were not shipped to England until the early 70s, 
and those would have then gone to EMI. There was at least one full LP that was originally recorded 
in stereo but never released in the US except in mono. I seem to recall there was part of another 
LP, with the majority of it released in stereo only as 2-track duped reels.

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I wonder where the Mercury recorded masters are for the Callas Medea,
Scotto-diStefano Lucia, Rossini Cambiale di Matrimonio, Pergolesi Serva
Padrona and Bastianini-Scotto-Kraus Rigoletto.  Why can't we get reasonable
transfers of these recordings rather than echo-ridden copies from some tape
transferred  by Ricordi?  The sound characteristics of the LPs is totally
different and better from those LPs than of any CD issue I have heard.  It's
a shame.