I was happy to find that the 'Sir John Barbirolli: The Great EMI Recordings'
box set contained a mix of transfers from across the digital era, the newer
ones excellent. A few tunes that had been the subject of earlier issues are
updated. One example is the famous Tallis Fantasia session, which Bernard
Herrmann had a hand in. The 2000 remastering in the box is dramatically
different than the 1980s reissue and just clobbers the Angel LP.
Unfortunately, the V-W 5 is not updated, but the glory shines through

As someone here recently said, much of the EMI catalog has lagged somewhat
behind the state of the art. With such a huge catalog, that might be
understandable, even without all the corporate drama.

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Mike, do you know if there's a policy as to WHICH digital transfer to use?
In the case of both 
Columbia (Sony) and RCA (BMG), there were many not-so-good attempts before
good remasters were 
obtained. For Sony, I'd put the ones that Dennis Rooney oversaw in the late
90's as their best. For 
RCA, the CD layer of the SACDs done by Soundmirror are vastly superior to
earlier attempts.

For their box set, Decca went back and re-did some material that had been
previously remastered, 
with good results. I think DGG did new transfers for some of the material in
their budget-priced 
boxes, for instance the Kubelik Mahler cycle seemed to have all been
remastered in the late 90s as 
opposed to some of the earlier remasters of some of the symphonies (I don't
think all were 
previously released prior to the box set). I believe everything was brought
up to the era and 
quality of the "DGG Originals" series, so circa late 90's.

-- Tom Fine

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> As a rule, no new transfers are made from analog originals save where no
prior digital transfer 
> has already been
> made.
> Mike Gray