Hello, Jan,

The A77 and B77 are 40 and 30 years old, respectively (give or take). 
Few tape machines are younger than 20 now.

My first choice for a good machine is the Sony APR-5003 because it does 
not have boutique status and often can be had for $500 or so. Get a 
couple and then customize some of the head assemblies.

The Studer A810 is also a good machine. The Studer A80 is tops.

Please consider purchasing a pro machine that is rugged rather than a 
portable (by the era's definition) consumer machine.

Between the two, I think I'd get the B77, although I've owned a half 
dozen A77s, I'm down to one and it's a Mk III with Dolby B on board.

There are a few other European brands that might be useful. The BBC was 
having a big garage sale a few weeks ago. Lots of Studer A807s if I 
recall correctly. I don't know if that's still going on.



On 2012-08-10 7:53 PM, Jan Myren wrote:
> HI!
> I have a large number of reel to reel tapes and a Tandberg TD 20A machine
> that doesn't work. From the net I have found that the Tandberg machines
> sounds nice, but are technically not very well built.
> It seems like Revox is the brand to look out for and the types of A 77 and B
> 77.
> What is really the difference between those two types and which one is the
> one to go for?
> All the best
> Jan

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