Hi Jan:

Before you decide on a specific deck, were the tapes in your collection 
all recorded on the Tandberg 20A machine you mention below? You did not 
specifically state this. If this is a collection of tapes that you have 
come by and they were NOT recorded on the Tandberg, you may want to 
assess what track format(s) and recorded speed(s) were used for your 
large collection of tapes. There are many combinations of track formats 
and recording speeds that can fall outside of the playback capability of 
that or similar decks.

Kind Regards,

John Schroth
Media Transfer Service, LLC

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>> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Revox A 77 or B 77 tape recorder?
>> HI!
>> I have a large number of reel to reel tapes and a Tandberg TD 20A 
>> machine
>> that doesn't work. From the net I have found that the Tandberg machines
>> sounds nice, but are technically not very well built.
>> It seems like Revox is the brand to look out for and the types of A 
>> 77 and B
>> 77.
>> What is really the difference between those two types and which one 
>> is the
>> one to go for?
>> All the best
>> Jan
> Agreed. Revoxes may not have all the glamourpuss stuff, but they work 
> well and go on working. Most of the machines which were their 
> competitors at the time are now expensive ornaments. The B77/II is 
> better on start-up snatch than the Mark I, and the PR99 is a little 
> more refined. The electronics of both are better in some respects than 
> the A77, but one of these in good shape is also a fair bet.
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