Hi, Ted,

I wasn't sniping, I was just mentioning a product that one should keep 
on hand these days that has proven useful.

You solved the problem in the time frame needed and the results were 
fine. That's what we all do when we have to.



On 2012-08-15 5:29 AM, Ted Kendall wrote:
> On 15/08/2012 07:22, Shai Drori wrote:
>> I'd love of see a picture of that ATR.
>> Shai
>> בתאריך 15/08/12 3:10 AM, ציטוט John Schroth:
>>> Hi Richard and others:
>>> For tapes with squealing problems, I have used the wet play system 
>>> that was started by, I believe, Marie O'Connell. I use an ATR-100 
>>> customized by ATR services, with a drip bag and jig I built to 
>>> distribute 100% isopropyl to the tape. The deck is on it's factory 
>>> rolling rack and is positioned down at roughly a 45 degree angle so 
>>> that the extra run-off of iso does not hit the boards or any other 
>>> important mechanical/electrical components. The excess alcohol drips 
>>> off the head block and out through the open audio board access door 
>>> on the front of the deck onto a drip pan I place on the floor.
>>> I have no experience with D5. Could the same setup use D5 instead? 
>>> Would D5 be better to use than iso, as far as to minimize any 
>>> long-term effect/damage to the tapes? Has anyone done testing to 
>>> determine the effect D5 has verses iso on tape? Does anyone have 
>>> suggestions other than these two chemicals?
>>> Regards,
>>> John Schroth
>>> Media Transfer Service, LLC
>>> On 8/14/2012 5:08 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>>>> Hi, Ted,
>>>> That's one of the reasons today why I keep D5 
>>>> (Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, CAS Number 541-02-6) on hand. It 
>>>> ultimately evaporates and it solves problems quickly, when needed. 
>>>> It is safe in that it is used to provide the slipperiness to 
>>>> personal care products and is also used in dry cleaning.
>>>> On 2012-08-14 4:48 PM, Ted Kendall wrote:
>>>>> With the usual caveats, this worked on a reel of Shamrock under 
>>>>> extreme duress (many years ago, I may add) :
>>>>> The tape in question was a dub of ETs of Buddy Holly's hometown 
>>>>> radio station on the day of his death, and was required yesterday 
>>>>> for a TV production (aren't they always?). I had a Revox 700 to 
>>>>> hand, but could not stop the tape squealing. In desperation I 
>>>>> sprayed the tape with WD40. Instant success! - followed by instant 
>>>>> failure as the lubricant passed on and the squeal returned. 
>>>>> Eventually, however, I found that wedging some cotton bud tip 
>>>>> betwixt erase head and fixed guide, in contact with the tape, and 
>>>>> dousing it every three seconds with the WD40 enabled silent 
>>>>> playback. Of course, it created a b-awful mess of tape and 
>>>>> machine, but this cleaned up all right, and in any case the job 
>>>>> sometimes has to come before the tool!
> This makes me wish I had kept my big mouth shut.
> The tape was obviously not a primary source and was required urgently. 
> The job was done in 1990. My A700s gave good results, and occasionally 
> still do. I had sense enough to keep the stuff off the lower reaches 
> of the capstan and the rest of the clean-up was not problematical. 
> This forum is for the exchange of information, not for sniping.

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