As you can see from Thom's excellent post: too many!

If you go down to the original Broadway cast you get here:

And I have the 1987 release MCAD31065.

It is noted for poor sound.

So a quick and dirty remastering job makes it rather nice.

I note the 2001 release has another track. Maybe someday, but I hate 
buying more than one copy to get something that sounds good.



On 2012-08-07 3:55 PM, Shai Drori wrote:
> My CD of Man of La Mancha I bought way earlier than that but can't 
> remember the dates. How many versions are out there?
> Shai
> בתאריך 07/08/12 7:51 PM, ציטוט Richard L. Hess:
>> Hi, All,
>> I have revised my assumption that the early 2000s release of Man of 
>> LaMancha OBC on CD was erroneously transferred without AME equalization.
>> ...
>> Finally, I am happy in regards to this and I thought the two or three 
>> people out there who have been following this would like to know I 
>> revised my opinion of what I had bought.
>> Cheers,
>> Richard

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