A friend who was the stage manager of the original Off-Bway production of
THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING OSCAR, which starred Irish actor Micheal
MacLiammoir,  claims that he was in the studio here in New York when
Columbia recorded the single LP of the show. He also says that it has the
black and gold cover art.

I have been telling him that itıs a two-record album that was recorded in
London, with both records issued in the U.S. also having the black and gold

My Volume 1 is Columbia Masterworks OL 5690 (which the liner notes state was
recorded in London as ³the first of a two-record set).²

My Volume 2 is on Columbia OS 2490 (Stereo ³360 Sound²) and is mentioned in
the notes as ³the second of a two-record set² recorded in London. Nat
Shapiro gets Producer credit on this LP. However, the stage mgr said that
Shapiro had nothing to do with the cast album heıs talking about.

So is there a different  supposedly ³complete² single record that was made
in New York? I believe what my friend says. But is there an explanation for
the discrepancies?

Many thanks,

Dan Langan
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