Dear Dan,

You might contact Didier Deutsch, who did a lot of research on Columbia
show recordings of all types. Searching the artist cards under the show
title might turn up a job number(s) that could shed light on the venue and
dates. I seriously dount that Columbia would have recorded more than the
two released Lps. Happy research.



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> A friend who was the stage manager of the original Off-Bway production of
> THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING OSCAR, which starred Irish actor Micheal
> MacLiammoir,  claims that he was in the studio here in New York when
> Columbia recorded the single LP of the show. He also says that it has the
> black and gold cover art.
> I have been telling him that itıs a two-record album that was recorded in
> London, with both records issued in the U.S. also having the black and gold
> design.
> My Volume 1 is Columbia Masterworks OL 5690 (which the liner notes state
> was
> recorded in London as ³the first of a two-record set).²
> My Volume 2 is on Columbia OS 2490 (Stereo ³360 Sound²) and is mentioned in
> the notes as ³the second of a two-record set² recorded in London. Nat
> Shapiro gets Producer credit on this LP. However, the stage mgr said that
> Shapiro had nothing to do with the cast album heıs talking about.
> So is there a different  supposedly ³complete² single record that was made
> in New York? I believe what my friend says. But is there an explanation for
> the discrepancies?
> Many thanks,
> Dan Langan
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