We visited the Insect Circus Museum at the National Theatre on the Southbank (London, UK) yesterday. It was in an old camper van highly decorated with painted scenes of insect circus acts.

Inside - well - I wont spoil the surprise.

But one of the exhibits was a 33rpm vinyl record of music for an Insect Circus by 'Capt. Cicadella's Insect Circus Band' put out privately by Peaple (sic.) records.

Scroll down for the cover of the record:

" ...the ICS are also extremely proud to display the very best exhibits from their extensive collection of material relating to the 1960's musical group The Peaple. One of our most valuable holdings takes pride of place within the museum walls: the actual drum as featured on the Peaple's seminal 1967 album,'Capt. Cicadella's Insect Circus Band'... "

I wonder if this record is known and if anyone has a copy. NTS its not on the web.

Chris B.