Dear Richard,

Thank you for answering my email.

No, I did not bake it.  I did not know about baking tape.
Please tell me in what I should bake it, at what temp and for how long?
Also, what is "SSS"?

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Did you bake this tape prior to attempting playback?

This is classic SSS where the mag coat pulls off.

The reason it happens closer to the hub is there is more pressure there.

Please folks, don't try and play known SSS tapes without baking.



On 2012-08-17 5:08 PM, James Roth wrote:
> Greetings everyone.
> I'm having some trouble with peeling Ampex 407 tape.
> The magnetic coating on the inner 100 or so feet is peeling like crazy.
> When I play it, the static electricity causes the tape to cling to the layer just next to it (still on the reel).
> It's not crackling - just peeling.  The tape is from around 1977 and was kept in a fairly cool/dry place.
> Ben Roth

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