Here is a pretty goo
 Are we talking folk music? If so,what kind.

Here is a pretty good page on what was issued on Camay

Who were Don Ames and Hal Weiss,and how were they able to use the Pathe name,and rooster logo?


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Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 6:34 PM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] Snader Telescriptions
Does anyone know much about the SNADER TELESCRIPTIONS, their operation, acquisition of talent, and their studios/venues ???

  I interviewed a performer who recorded 4 songs for SNADER about 1952.  Her recollection does NOT include the SNADER
company, but remembers the recordings and believes that they were filmed in a studio somewhere in the mid-west, possibly IOWA, log
cabin, some Amish connection.  All very vague.

  Based on web sources, the films are offered by a number of companies - negatives owned by The PATHE collection,
distributed through HISTORIC FILMS.  Copies also from MacDonald & Associates.  Prices are high for commercial use.

  Does anyone know an inexpensive source for these films???

  The sound portion of some were issued by CAMAY Records (one of the "99 cent" labels) in the 1960/70s??

Any information or further contacts much appreciated!  Thanks!

Best wishes, Thomas.