The Original New York Cast Recording of Man of LaMancha was recorded in 1965 by Kapp Records. The Kapp catalog was absorbed by MCA, and when the CD format arrived, MCA released the recording on CD at regular price, then a stripped down release at a budget price. These releases were probably dubbed directly from Lp masters and the release is noted for it's poor sound.

The MCA holdings were absorbed by Universal, and there was extended release program of most of what Universal now owned in theatre recordings at the beginning of this century. Man of LaMancha was re-released in this series with a remastering that increased the sound quality.


On Aug 7, 2012, at 2:00 PM, Shai Drori wrote:

> HOLLY MOLLY. What is that? WOW.
> Okay, I have the 1965 OBC on LP and CD. I like that fact that the one listed under it is the Israeli cast. Didn't know there was one. Is Rich referring to this recording from 1965 or another?
> Shai
> בתאריך 07/08/12 10:18 PM, ציטוט Thom:
>> Shai,
>> Take a look at
>> (And David Hummel's book for pre-1981 releases)
>> Thom Pease
>> Recorded Sound Cataloger
>> Library of Congress
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>>> My CD of Man of La Mancha I bought way earlier than that but can't remember
>>> the dates. How many versions are out there?
>>> Shai
>>> בתאריך 07/08/12 7:51 PM, ציטוט Richard L. Hess:
>>>> Hi, All,
>>>> I have revised my assumption that the early 2000s release of Man of
>>>> LaMancha OBC on CD was erroneously transferred without AME equalization.
>>>> What I think really happened was that the mastering engineer MASTERED it
>>>> and they used a good, clean upstream copy that was a little bright (but not
>>>> peaky bright like AME) and used that for the CD. Although there are a couple
>>>> of ticks during the finale which could be a CD pressing issue or??
>>>> Anyway, with the addition of some compression and room simulation, I now
>>>> have something that approaches the LP's sound without the drawbacks of
>>>> listening to a digitization of the LP.
>>>> Finally, I am happy in regards to this and I thought the two or three
>>>> people out there who have been following this would like to know I revised
>>>> my opinion of what I had bought.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Richard
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