The M97xE are readily available for under $70.Can they be used on any vintage arm,say one from the 60s,currently fitted with a Shure?



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Correction: Shure was in the mid-west. It was Pickering that was NY/NJ area,
and eventually owned by Stanton.

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I looked into Stanton styli about a year ago when I had the thought of
trying out a mm cartridge again after years with mc cartridges. What I
learned then is that both Shure and Stanton had been re(de)-organized and
moved. Both left the NYC area for Florida (Stanton) and Mexico (Shure).
Both, of course, without their skilled production workers. Users were
lamenting that current quality was nothing like the original products. I had
that confirmed when I bought a new 681 and found the cantilever mounted
visibly sideways. Fortunately, I could return it.

Since I have an old-stock 681 body, I tried a stylus from Jico in Japan.
They make styli for Stanton, Shure, and others. There were some good reports
about their premium-quality assemblies for both 681 and V-15 types, but
rather than risking $120 or so, I bought the simpler elliptical stylus for,
I think it was, $66. While it looks well-aligned and tracks okay, I wasn't
impressed by the sound. I don't have an NOS stylus with which to compare,
but it isn't as smooth or extended in high-frequencies as I recall from
years ago, when I heard them everyday while a radio DJ.

This is all about microgroove; I know next to nothing about playing other
discs. I did make some very listenable transfers recently using an old
Garrard TT with a Shure 78 stylus that belongs to a friend. Rolled off above
6k and a little bump around 500, the polka 78s sounded happy and dancing.
Sorry, I don't recall which stylus it was, but I think it was a stock Shure.


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I prefer the Shure myself as well, but have to ask if this is not the 
beginning of a trend. Shure has been involved many different areas of 
sound for a long time. Cartridges is surely (pun intended) not the main 
source of income.

Time to stock up?

joe salerno

On 8/3/2012 4:37 PM, David Seubert wrote:
> Coincidentally I just talked to both Full Compass and Esoteric Sound this
morning about Stanton cartridges. I was told that Stanton is technically
still an operating division of Gibson, but that it is very difficult to get
anything from them. I also was told they shuttered the factory, so that may
explain the long lead times (aka forever) in securing stock. Their product
is still listed as available on websites like Full Compass since it's
technically still being made. Esoteric does have Stanton product in stock,
Full Compass was all special order.
> I like Shure better anyway so I'm not really crying over this, but it's
always nice to have options.
> David Seubert
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>> I recently tried to order some more custom styli from Expert Stylus for a
>> Stanton 500 but was informed that Stanton has essentially left the phono
>> cartridge business, at least for now and perhaps forever, due to their
>> purchase by Gibson Guitars. Expert suggested that I turn to Shure or
>> Ortofon. Ortofon is out of my price range, so I'm looking at Shure. I
>> that some U.S. dealers still have Expert-Tipped Stanton styli available
>> I would like to find a long term solution.
> Interesting.  I just checked Broadcast Supply's web site and they
> list four Stanton cartridges available, the 500V3, 520V3, 505V3,
> and 680V3MP4.  Also 78 styli for their 500, 600 and 800-series
> cartridges.  Also several Stanton turntables.  Nothing in their
> closeout area.

Joe Salerno