Carl's original message about Stokowski concerned Vaughan Williams's 8th Symphony. As he writes below, there is or was a live Stokowski performance on BBC Legends CDs. Live Stokowski performances of VW's 4th and 9th symphonies have also been published on Cala CDs.

  Stokowski's performance of VW 8 is remarkable, and unique in my experience. Without in any way distorting or overdoing the music he makes the slow movement a slower and, much more importantly for me, more emotionally probing experience than in any other performance I've heard. I think anyone interested in the symphony should know Stokowski's performance.

  Number 6 is indeed the only VW symphony Stokowski recorded commercially.

  Total agreement about Stokowski's live Mahler 2 on BBC Legends, too.

  Don Tait

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It's on a BBC Legends box set. Includes a smokin' Mahler 2.

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As far as I knew,the only Vaughn Williams Symphony Stokowski recorded was
the number six,with the New York Philharmonic.