Jan, I own three Revox B77s. I've been very happy with them. They not only work well; even more importantly, they keep working. Which is much more than I could say for the two large Tandberg machines I bought in the early '90s. TD 20s of some sort. They did indeed provide good sound, as you wrote, but when one worked, the other didn't. Also as you wrote, at least about yours. I spent thousands of dollars on them and might as well have taken the money and set fire to it. So I understand your having a Tandberg that doesn't work. I'd think Revox would be a good machine to get.

  Don Tait

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I have a large number of reel to reel tapes and a Tandberg TD 20A machine
that doesn't work. From the net I have found that the Tandberg machines
sounds nice, but are technically not very well built.
It seems like Revox is the brand to look out for and the types of A 77 and B

What is really the difference between those two types and which one is the
one to go for?

All the best